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CPR/First Aid
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Our Mission
Providing quality health and safety training for industries, businesses, community and medical groups, or anyone interested in learning life saving skills.

Our Goals
Designing a customized training program to meet your groups' specific needs and providing instruction on-site at your facility on your schedule!

Allied Mobile Health Training, Inc. is a company dedicated to providing quality health and safety training for industries, businesses, community and medical groups, or anyone interested in learning life saving skills. Our goals are:
bullet To design an individualized training program to meet the specific needs of your group.
bullet To provide instruction on-site at your facility on your schedule!

Courses are taught 24 hours/day, 7 days/week by experienced medical professionals such as RNs, LVNs, and EMTs who strive to teach in a low stress manner and to make class fun!

We emphasize group practice, not written tests! We feel that if you are ever called upon to use CPR or first aid, you will not be asked to pull out a pencil and paper and take a written test, but rather you will be expected to be able to perform the skills you learned. (Certification courses do require successful completion of hands-on skills and passing score of at least 84% on the written exam.)

Who Needs Health and Safety Training?

bullet Industry - Are you compliant with OSHA regulations for health and safety? OSHA states that if your business is not 3-4 minutes from a health care facility (from the time of the injury to first aid treatment) you must have staff trained in CPR/First Aid to handle medical emergencies!
bullet Health Care Providers - Are you up-to-date with your CPR technique? Are you protecting yourself adequately against BLOODBORNE PATHOGENS like HIV, Hepatitis B, and Hepatitis C?
bullet Parents/Grandparents/Children/Friends - do you have children, grandchildren, adult parents siblings or friends? Do you know how to help them if they stop breathing or their heart stops? If you do, then you need to know what to do to help them if they need CPR or First aid!


AMHT uses state-of-the-art, hygienic equipment for all classes. We have multiple mannequins (often with a ratio of 1 student per mannequin) so the student feels comfortable an receives lots of hands-on practice. There are no long lines waiting for a turn to perform in front of the class on the only available mannequin. Our goal is to make the student feel confident that when they leave class, they could use the skills they learn.

Groups Trained by AMHT

bullet Community Groups - Junior League, PTA, Foster Parent Groups, Buckner Family Services, Service Sororities, School districts, Childcare providers
bullet Day Care Center - Public, private and church affiliated
bullet Industries - Chevron, Oil Well Service companies, Steel companies, Electrical companies, Chemical companies, Machine shops (to name a few)
bullet Health Care Provider Groups - Hospitals, Doctor and dental offices, Home health personnel, Fire departments, Nursing homes, Hospice, MHMR group homes

AMHT is an official American Heart Association BLS Community Training Center. This means you will receive your American Heart Association cards the day you complete the class.  (see Training Offered for a detailed description of all classes offered by AMHT)


Letter From Students
"This is the best CPR class I've ever had - and I've taken classes for years!"
"I learned more from your class than any other class I've taken"
"I appreciate the way the class was taught in a relaxed, fun manner"
"I will never take CPR/First aid from anyone else!"
"The Instructor was very professional, knowledgeable and fun!"

Awards for Students

AMHT awards the "Good Samaritan Award" for any student who uses the skills learned from class to save a life.

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